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Tickled Ears or The Truth…

Have we trained ourselves to believe that reading deeper things about God will only exhaust us more? “We can’t think when we are tired”…so we let the television or the apps/games do the thinking for us, instead of developing our endurance. Continue reading

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Is It Well…With Your Soul? Or…Like Job…Are You Demanding Answers From a Holy God…

Not that we don’t have questions. Not that we aren’t allowed to ask the questions. But just as His ways are not our ways…His answers are not always going to be satisfying or available to our finite minds.

We walk by faith. When we know something of the character of our loving God…our questions won’t become demands and they are less likely to be fueled with anger.
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How Does Heaven Really Work…?

In reality, I don’t have to figure any of it out or tighten my grip here on the things that I think might be lost there.

Though I will never be able to understand how it will all work, I do understand a bit of the heart of God who loves me. So I cling to Who He is.
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Walking With Our Family In A Brand New Way…!

Walking in His Dust: The way Jesus taught his first disciples was not unique but part of a wider tradition in Judaism that began a few centuries before his time. Jesus didn’t hand his disciples a textbook or give them … Continue reading

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Do I Dare Ask Nothing?…

“Life change comes when we receive life with thanks and ask for nothing to change”. Ann Voskamp… I read this and put a little heart by it but I had to surround the heart with question marks. On some level this is true and I love the peace and rest that it suggests to my heart but I question. Continue reading

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Imagine…Where You Would Be…Where Would We Be…Let’s Start Now!

Where would you be…where would we be as families and as a Nation if… Continue reading

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Sometime Later, The Brook (That God Provided) Dried Up…

God provided a brook for Elijah during a dry and thirsty time.  But the Bible says, “Sometime later…the brook dried up.” Do you feel like your brook has dried up?  Perhaps your emotions are dried up, your prayers feel dried … Continue reading

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Or… A God We Have Fashioned?!

  Our culture is really “up” for questioning God…being honest (about being upset) with God…expecting answers from God. But what about the God who expects some things out of us…has limits on how far He will let us go in our … Continue reading

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Believing In God’s Character! Even (Especially) When Life Is Hard…

Like you, I try to let go of the unfathomable life events that “should have come out differently because we prayed and we prayed…and we prayed”!  The questions  come back, though.  I let them go and eventually the pain and … Continue reading

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