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God is Not Overriding Free Will But…Using Choices to Open Blind Eyes..!

Let’s face it, sin comes out of some measure of ignorance/blindness, self-imposed or not. Wise people who have truthfully thought through and faced the consequences of sin…are not going to choose to carry it through and ultimately allow it to become “a life”. Continue reading

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Who Is Binding You With Ropes…?

Keep giving the person who binds you to God. Each time something new and hurtful comes up, ask Him how (if) you should respond. Then…respond in the way His peace leads you.

All of this takes intentionality, practice and often, a good amount of time (sigh) but remember…

His peace is on the way!
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HIS Insight…is Freedom!

You simply don’t have the vision to have the insight.

That is what is being described in this passage. If we are unbelievers or believers who are ignoring the vision of God through His Spirit in us…
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Let’s Go Take Possession of the Land…We Can Surely Conquer It!

Here it is again. God’s upside down economy vs the world’s way of looking at things. As we lean into and grow in the Lord, we just get stronger. Our faith, our hope, our prayers, our availability to minister become stronger. We become wiser…more a part of who God intends us to become. Continue reading

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Faces Never Covered In Shame…

“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” Continue reading

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Do You Sometimes Want to Hide?

So life inside your world, as well as the outside world, is proving to be painfully unpredictable. The one thing we don’t really like is unexpected change. Yet…the one thing we can be sure of is that all throughout our lives, things are going to change! Continue reading

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When change seems impossible, ask God for wisdom and then the determination to follow what He has shown you. Each time fear threatens…every time you have the familiar urge to take over or retreat in the same old destructive way…remember Whose child you are and pray. Remember the truth. You are not meant to be enslaved by fear. Continue reading

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