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Observing Without Judgment and Living a 007 Life…

“If you will learn to listen to the Spirit…your life will be more exciting than any 007 movie you could watch.” Continue reading

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Puzzle Pieces and God…Who Gives and Gives Again…

It took some deep waters well beyond the home going of my aunt to recognize the tiny details…the small miracles…the puzzle pieces that God provides for our comfort and eventual rest. Over time, we learn to count on His heart…even when we don’t understand His hand. Continue reading

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Still…He Created Earth and Sky and…Us!

Why…why in the world did God create our world…create us, when He knew we would crush his heart? He knew the pain we would inflict on ourselves and on Him. He saw it, not just vaguely…but in excruciating detail. Still…He chose. He made the choice to create earth and sky and…us. Continue reading

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