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I’ve Got This…!

The problem is…I have days when I am not as aware of Him and…just go about life. I intend to do good. I intend to be wise. I intend…. But without Him I can do nothing…nothing! Continue reading

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When change seems impossible, ask God for wisdom and then the determination to follow what He has shown you. Each time fear threatens…every time you have the familiar urge to take over or retreat in the same old destructive way…remember Whose child you are and pray. Remember the truth. You are not meant to be enslaved by fear. Continue reading

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Patriarch Pelican…Are We That Wise?

I laughed in wonder at this creative creature. Was he somehow considered the Patriarch? After all, no one was battling him for his cushy ride. Continue reading

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The Lord Will Fight For You While You Keep Silent….

An alien concept in our culture, this verse is so packed full of things that we ignore. Yes…there are times we absolutely must speak up. But let’s be honest. Most of the time we have our own idea about how something should be handled and very often our fear drives us to “fix this”. We speak up before we fully listen…to God or even to the person we feel is disrespecting or undermining us (or themselves). Continue reading

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