Guilt & Regret or…Finding Joy in Our Victories – We Choose!


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You and I have permission…we are instructed…to leave our mistakes behind.

Can you imagine what would happen if we would actually give ourselves permission to throw out the painful memories the minute they surface and then actually rehearse two or three of our God-given victories?

God wants us to find joy in the obedience, the victories, no matter how few we seem to feel we have won.  He encourages us to revel in the victories…the God moments.  He wants that joy for us!

Think of how you feel as you look at your baby (or a friend’s baby) and watch her try to take steps and yet fall on her bottom again and again.  You feel no anger or need to reprimand the baby each time she falls.  Maybe you have (or are caring for) a toddler who has been told not to touch something. He reaches out and looks at you as he slowly moves his hand toward the untouchable item. You are hoping he doesn’t touch it.  You lock eyes and he drops his hand reluctantly.  You praise him!  You are fairly certain you will have to go through that experience dozens of times, but you are excited for this one victory!  You revel in each step the baby takes and you praise both baby and toddler for their progress.  Your heart is for them!  Your joy is in what they are accomplishing and you quickly forget the missed steps or stubborn willfulness even before a new victory is gained.

God wants us to revel in our victories, no matter how many steps we have messed up, no matter how many wrong choices or stupid, willful decisions we have made.  We make bad choices daily.  Were you impatient with someone today?  Were you lazy about something you should have accomplished?  Did you miss your quiet time…again?  Did you look God in the face and walk away to do something else today…after three days of spending that morning time with Him?

Rehearse what you did right today and thank God for it.  Ask Him to forgive you for the wrong choices you made and for the determination to do it better tomorrow.  Remember that two steps forward and one step back is still progress! Is your heart in the right place?  He is looking at your heart…the core of what you desire.  Just as you are looking at the heart of the precious toddler, finding joy in the fact that he is learning and that “this time” he drew his hand back in obedience.  God is looking at you with pleasure.  He is finding joy in your victories.  He wants you to do the same.



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